Group Fundraisers

Schools, Sports Teams and Local Businesses Can Make a Big Impact!

Sometimes 1+1 = 50,000

Group Fundraisers


Nothing shows more goodwill than when a group gets behind a cause together!  Think you can get your entire team, Principal, yoga studio  or even your Mayor to #Dare2Tutu?  Get an entire organization involved and as the leader, you can win some fun prizes, too!

Motivate your friends, family, and co-workers to join in the movement by asking them to take pictures with you and donate to your personalized fundraising page.

We want to see you #Dare2Tutu!

You MUST use hashtag #Dare2Tutu across social media, and tag us on Facebook.  Favorite pictures and stories will be featured daily across our social media properties. Questions?

Here are easy steps for group participation:

1. The Team Lead must SET UP a fundraiser page. After your campaign is set up, you’ll see a tab for “Manage Team”. Anyone you invite will be added under your team fundraiser page.

2. Buy a tutu from us, a local store, or make one!  We have bulk pricing for orders of five or more.

3. Have fun! Take pictures, share them and ask your friends and family to donate.

Start a Team

Check out some of last year's fundraisers:

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Jersey City Jane Do Studio
Donated Class Ticket Sales

Advocate Meredith Fortier led the charge and convinced studio owners Jacey and Danielle at Jane Do in Jersey City to dedicate an entire workout class to #Dare2Tutu!  The Studio was thrilled to donate the registration fees for the class and also sold tutus and calendars on site the night of the event.  We were lucky enough to attend the event, and had a blast watching these men and women rock out in honor of women and men with breast cancer!

the tutu project #dare2tutu breast cancer fundraiser jersey city

The Auto & Tire Doctor
Raised funds in-store

John (The Car Whisperer) Lamoreux and his team were one of the most enthusiastic groups we had. Their #Dare2Tutu images raised funds and created moments of joy and laughter for patients with breast cancer. They were inspired to raise funds because “Our own Cindy Lain is a breast Cancer survivor who knows first hand how very important it is to raise awareness, receive support and hold on to joy.”


Hudson Catholic
Entire School Participation

Hudson Catholic Regional High School involved their entire community in their efforts to fundraise for families with breast cancer.  Their campus ministry program is designed to encourage individual development and responsibility to the community. Their sports teams wore tutus to events and encouraged their families to donate on and offline.

bergen catholic dare2tutu breast cancer fundraiser 2