Individual FundRaisers

Every Picture Makes a Difference

Individual Fundraisers


Brett Miller, male breast cancer survivor

Becoming an individual fundraiser for The Tutu Project is fun, helps raise funds for our cause and puts you in the running to win some fun prizes, too!

Motivate your friends, family, and co-workers to join in the movement by asking them to take pictures with you and donate to your personalized fundraising page.

Here are easy steps for participation:

1. Create your personal fundraising page.

2. Buy a tutu from us, a local store, or make one!

3. Have fun! Take pictures, share them and ask your friends and family to donate.

Dart2Tutu breast cancer fundraiser logo

YOU MUST use hashtag #Dare2Tutu across social media, and tag us on Facebook.  Favorite pictures and stories will be featured daily across our social media properties. Questions?

Check out some of last year's fundraisers:

This looks like a blast! Sign me up!

Meet Priyana
Top Individual Fundraiser

Priyana posing for Dare2Tutu breast cancer fundraiser
Priyana is no ordinary teenager! Her heart is warm and giving.  She dedicated the entire month of October to “posing for a cure“. She partnered with local beauty salons and businesses to market her campaign, which raised over $5,000 for families with breast cancer!

Meet Melinda
Volunteer Extraordinaire

meliwads dare2tutu breast cancer fundraiser

Melinda volunteers for The Tutu Project throughout the year.  To raise the funds that earned her second prize in our #Dare2Tutu contest, Melinda asked friends to take pictures of her in her tutu everywhere.  Concerts, cooking, and even her dogs participated! Visit her Instagram to see more of her creative efforts!

Marshall Moneymaker
Bravest “Be Like Bob” Image

dare2tutu for3sisters breast cancer advocate

Marshall and Shannon from For3Sisters are grant recipients from the Carey Foundation for the work they do for breast cancer patients. We couldn’t believe that Marshall “took it all off” and honored us by keeping the fireman helmet on.